Messages on Psalms

Messages on Psalms

Psalm 11

How Should Christians Respond When Our Society is in Spiritual/Moral Freefall? Psalm 11 For the Choir Director, a Psalm of David Take This To Heart Even in perilous times, Christians should punt panic and positively persevere. Even when the spiritual/moral foundations of a society are destroyed, believers in the Lord Jesus Christ can continue to build our lives, our…

Testimony of Kyle and Jen Porter

When the World is Falling Apart Rather Than Panic, Pray/Plan and Persevere Week 4: A Modern Case Study: Every Parent’s Nightmare Kyle and Jen Porter “Why Us?” Replaced by “Yes Us and Many Others!” Facing Every Parent’s Nightmare in Faith The Testimony of Two Believers Who Refuse to Panic and Who Choose to Pray, Plan and Persevere In the Depths to Deep Pain/Horrific Loss.…


The Book of Habakkuk God Honors Honest Questions from His Kids Take This To Heart God Honors Honest Questions from His Kids…and Gives Us Sufficient Light/Truth That We Can Trust Him in the Worst of Earthly Circumstances The Book of Habakkuk is God Telling Us: An accurate conception of the LORD’s Person/Program allows believers to trust humbly and persistently in His…
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