The Holy Spirit’s Ministry

The Holy Spirit’s Ministry

Upper Room Discourse                                                            11/16/2014

John 16:7-15

The Holy Spirit’s Ministry Makes Every Believer Potentially Fruitful/Every Unbeliever Potentially Saveable

Take This to Heart

God is all about reality not simply outward rituals. Consistent with that fact, TBS (True Biblical Spirituality) is relational not mechanical. It works from the inside out (regeneration and a new capacity to respond to Him/love and live for the One who died/rose for us) and not from the outside in (rigid/robotic behavior modification).

Our focus in the Christian Life/TBS is (abiding in) Christ, the power Source which enables us to do that is the Person of the indwelling Holy Spirit.

God makes Himself known to truly seeking unbelievers, who while theologically depraved are saveable through the work of Holy Spirit in them (which includes Common Grace and conviction of SRJ) and around them (in the Creation, the Scripture and the Life/Lips of Christians).