New Young Adults Bible Study, Praying with Our Lord

New Young Adults Bible Study, Praying with Our Lord

Starting Sunday February 7th, the Second Hour Young Adult’s class will begin a study on Understanding and Praying.

Week One:

Praying with Our Lord-Matthew 6:9-13

1: What It Means (This Week) 2: One Way We Can Pray It (Next Week)

The Lord’s Prayer is Actually a Prayer the Lord Gave to His Disciples as a Model

for Their/Our Prayer. While One Can “Pray” (Really “Say”) This Prayer by Rote (as “Meaningless Repetition 6:7-8), Disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ Today Can/Should Make It a Template For Our Ongoing Prayer Communion with God.

The Broad Context of the Model Prayer (6:1-15)

Jesus Warning Disciples about Doing Good Deeds the Wrong Way

The Controlling Idea/Umbrella Statement v1

Beware of practicing your righteousness before men to be noticed by them; otherwise you have no reward with your Father who is in Heaven.

Three Examples of How To Apply the Controlling Idea v2-18

Giving v2-4 Praying v5-15 Fasting v16-18

Adoration of God as Our Eternal Heavenly Father v9a

Consecration of Our Prayer/Our Lives to Honor God our Father v9b

Anticipation of Our Future with God in Messiah’s Kingdom v10a

Dedication of Our Present Thoughts/Actions to God v10b

Recognition of Our Dependence on God for Our Physical Needs v11

Expression of Our Dependence on God for Our Spiritual Needs v12-13a (v14-15)

Submission of Our Thoughts/Actions to the Supremacy of God v13b

Prayer: Not a Crowbar But a Channel Thru Which We Seek/Submit to God’s Will

Knowing What the Model Prayer Means

Means When We “Pray It” We Can Make Its Meaning Our Meaning