A Call to Action

A Call to Action

Dear Women of Tanglewood:

There are many areas we, as Women of Tanglewood (“WOT”), can serve other TBFers and those within our communities. To name a few, some WOT service teams and their current team leaders are:

Monthly 3rd Wednesday Fellowship Dinners (Ginny Heath) held in Jan-May and Sept-Nov;

Church Building Seasonal Decorating (Angie Lovett);

Activities & Events (Ginny Heath)-2014 Activities & Events included: attended Fiddler on the Roof Performance, Casting Crowns concert, Spring Fling, Paint & Party, Fall Retreat to Sulphur, and Tinsel Tea.

Comfort and Care (Jan Palovik) Widows Ministry;

WOW Wednesday Dinners (Jean Schalit);

Calling and Mailing (Maxine Blystone).

If you are new to TBF and/or would just like to get involved in 2015 by joining a current team or see a need for additional service within WOT, please let me know. I particularly need help in the area of activities and events. Due to some spine issues I am currently dealing with, I need someone to take the lead in planning, recruiting help, and organizing some activities for 2015. By popular demand, a return to Echo Canyon Resort in the fall is already on “the books.” Further, if you are already on the Monthly 3rd Wednesday Fellowship Dinner team, or want to be, I need one of you to take over as Team Leader for this group as well. If you know me, I will be your biggest cheerleader and help in any way I can.

Many thanks to all who helped make 2014 a great year for the Women of Tanglewood. It takes a village.