December Book Review

December Book Review

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A copy of this book is available from Carol Wanzor.

Breaking Night by Liz Murray

If you haven’t seen the movie “Homeless to Harvard,” and you have an interest in the plight of today’s youth, you may find this book both distressing and encouraging. In this memoir, Liz Murray describes in almost too much length and detail her day-to-day life as the daughter of drug addicts. On the streets of New York City, Liz and other children invented methods of making money and with little or no adult supervision, often dated out till dawn, hence the term “Breaking Night.” As a young adult, she literally pulled herself up by the bootstraps, finally getting her basic education through an inner city alternative school. I won’t spoil the good part, but the outcome of this young woman’s life will thrill your soul and help you realize each and every young person we come in contact with has great God-given potential.


Carol Wanzor is a a Woman of Tanglewood and also the Director of The Well Outreach. Checkout their website here.