Sunday Services
  • 415 W Camelback Rd, Duncan, OK 73533, USA

  • Tanglewood Bible Fellowship

Sunday Services

Services begin at 9:30AM with family worship in the auditorium. Family worship is a time for us to sing praises and worship together, preparing our hearts for the teaching of God’s word. Following at 10:00AM is First Hour Teaching Time taught by Dr. Brad McCoy. At 11:00AM  Second Hour Fellowship Groups Begin.

09:30 AM Family Worship
10:00 AM Teaching Time: Ministry of the Word: 1 Peter 3:13-18                                         ***Super Summer Session 1 (5th Grade and Below)
10:45 AM Fellowship Break                                                                                                                      ***Super Summer Session 2 (5th Grade and Below)
11:00 AM Second Hour Fellowship Groups
Adult Prayer/Share time in Auditorium
Uth Group