Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Sunday Services

Services begin at 9:30AM with family worship in the auditorium. Family worship is a time for us to sing praises and worship together, preparing our hearts for the teaching of God’s word. Following at 10:00AM is First Hour Teaching Time taught by Dr. Brad McCoy. At 11:00AM  Second Hour Fellowship Groups Begin. 09:30 AM Family Worship 10:00 AM Teaching Time: Ministry of the…

Pilates With Nancy

Pilates with Nancy is a workout consisting of 40 to 45 minutes of floor exercises, not constantly on knees or wrists and no up and down movements, followed by a short workout in the standing position. It’s perfect for people with limited mobility and/or previous injuries. It’s also a great option for stretching and supplementing other training. How Much: $5.00…

Wednesday Services

Adult Prayer & Share in the Auditorium followed by Bible Study. Uth Group Kid’s Church Nursery